Video, efficient and responsible.

Digital technology produces about 4% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Video consumption alone accounts for 1% of total emissions. (Source: The Shift Project, 2019)
It is possible to act on this observation and make a difference. Without having to choose between consumer experience, advertising performance and impact on the planet. This is what we have chosen to do.

An optimised video experience with a reduced impact on the planet.

The fastest video player on the market,

significantly optimising loading time, improving user experience and branded campaign performance 

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Video content hosted on green servers with one objective: carbon neutrality.

Carbon emissions reduced to a minimum, and compensated by concrete actions in favour of the environment and the World's population (reforestation  and the re-use of energy produced by our servers).

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Brand safe and high quality Video advertising opportunities,

gathered around strong verticals: Food, Beauty, Automotive, Eco-responsibility, Lifestyle, Celebrities, Sport, Gaming...

For an optimal advertising performance, adapted to your objectives,

Awareness, Consideration, Engagement, ROI...

And the opportunity to support projects that benefit society and the environment.

Available through both our Direct Team and Programmatic Partners,

adapted to your KPIs and using an extremely wide and customisable range of targeting.

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