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ConsoGlobe improves its SEO strategy thanks to Viously.

ConsoGlobe improves its SEO strategy thanks to Viously., an information website dedicated to sustainable development and responsible consumption, is considered the reference media for the environment. Three years ago, the publisher chose Viously as its video partner and integrated their video player on all versions of the site.  

This collaboration allowed them to identify new opportunities to improve their SEO through video. The optimization of the SEO strategy and its video referencing is a widespread problem among publishers. The implementation of the "Video SEO Optimiser" product had the immediate result of increasing the video search results for Consoglobe by 4 SEO positions. "Before the implementation of Viously' Video SEO Optimiser, my articles were not coming up on the video part of Google search" explains Valerie Dewerte, ConsoGlobe media manager.

"We greatly appreciated Viously' support with the quick and efficient implementation of innovative, easy-to-use tools adapted to ConsoGlobe's strategy. The results were very quickly remarkable with the growth of our audience and advertising revenues." Valérie Dewerte adds. 

"Viously is very committed to R&D to provide business solutions, pragmatic and specifically designed for publishers. Beyond monetization, the objective of Viously is also to help develop their audiences through SEO optimization," adds Loïc Dussart, co-founder of Viously.

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