Viously analyzes the "Core Web Vitals" performance to provide best practices for websites offering video content

Viously analyzes the "Core Web Vitals" performance to provide best practices for websites offering video content

Video adtech company Viously analyzed the performance of the top 100 French websites in terms of audience offering video content (*) on the criteria of user experience and navigational fluidity - commonly called "Core Web Vitals" - and measured here by Google PageSpeed Insight.

This measure takes into account the speed of loading the page's content (Largest Contentful Paint), the stability of the page (Cumulative Layout Shift), and the delay of interactivity offered to visitors on the page (First Input Delay).

Why is this important?

The "Core Web Vitals" are the quality of the experience provided by the sites to the users. And from this, the satisfaction of their audience, its retention and potential growth over time, the time spent and number of pages viewed, but also the referencing of the sites, and their overall performance both in terms of audience and experience and advertising revenue. It is therefore strategic for publishers to take an interest in these scores and to maintain or optimize them at the highest level.

Presentation of the scores by major categories of sites (scores ranging from 0 to 100; 100 being the maximum score)

Key learnings:

  • The results are very disparate between categories of sites, with a Culture / Leisure category getting the best scores (respectively 77 in desktop and 45 in mobile), and several categories particularly lagging behind in Mobile (Kitchen / Health at 27 on average, Science / Tech at 24, Automotive / Sport at 29);
  • Scores also vary widely between Devices across all categories;
  • With a historical advantage for the Desktop (recording an average of 67 for all categories) compared to the Mobile, which is still very much in need of improvement (scoring only 36 overall - even though the Mobile now concentrates the majority of Internet traffic).

How to act now ?

However, this general observation is not a fatality, and all the scores can be improved.

Viously notes a significant difference between sites equipped with the Viously video player and other sites: the improvement of the score can go up to +37 points in Mobile (depending on the category) for publishers partnering with Viously (versus others), and up to +32 points in Desktop.

How can we improve these core web vitals as Publishers? 

  • Firstly, understand it has a huge impact on performance so it must be made a top priority
  • Implement lazy loading: display only the elements needed in the viewport
  • Reduce the size of images: converting images to .webp (instead of .png or .jpeg) to decrease image size by 50% or more
  • Use the native font of the browser
  • Work with a vendor that has the same vision and expertise
  • Measure on a daily basis with tools like WebPageTest and LightHouse that give clear indications of what needs to be worked on by the technical and product teams. 
  • Make sure your CMP (Consent Management Platform) is properly optimized on an ongoing basis. Having a CMP that loads quickly and passes the consent as quickly as possible to buyers is crucial. If not, analyze alternatives like FAST CMP

“Faster websites create a virtuous cycle because they create a better UX, so more time is spent on page. If more time is spent on page, then it provides strong signals for Google SEO and Discover which then drives more audiences."  

"Similarly, the second effect on time spent is that you have more exposure for advertisers, so their performance is rising too.” relates Loic Dussart.  

Publishers often tend to think that the issues are with their advertising partners. Some problems are, yes, but there are a lot of optimizations that publishers can undertake now for fast and immediate impact add Loic Dussart. 

For more information about this ranking, a particular category or information about your individual scores, please contact Viously at:

(*) Based on the ACPM ranking of November 2022: and by keeping only the sites offering video content through the use of a "video player".

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Article written by Faustine Peyr

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