Publishers, boost your video revenues!

By choosing Viously, you combine the power of a cutting-edge video technology stack with the granularity of dashboards to optimize your audiences, content, and video ad revenue in real time.

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A high-performance and adaptive player.

easy to integrate AND RESPONSIBLE

- Consisting of a simple script, requiring no specific development on your side
- High performance, significantly reducing bandwidth consumption and using green servers to host your content

evolving and at the cutting edge

- Conforming to your current needs and equipment, and allowing you to define its configuration yourself at any time
- Adapting to new market developments and constraints in terms of technology, advertising market, regulations...

Optimized audiences, content and video revenues.

Viously will work with you on your entire video strategy and according to your needs : grow your audience, develop your video content, improve your advertising revenues...
Whilst taking into account your own organization (existing technological equipment and connections, internal control room, etc.) and helping you to be more successful in the long term (Core Web Vitals, brandsafety, visibility, cookie-less...).

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What our customers say

"Viously estimated the minimum revenues to come and far exceeded them in the first month, doubling our video revenues since."
Guillaume Josse, Founder and CEO of FUTURA.

In just a few months, our fill rates and revenues have greatly improved."
Stephan Huyvenaar, Managing Partner at HORYZON.

"The number of sessions and time spent on our site has increased, as well as our overall ad campaign performance (+20% on average)."
Ari Cohen, Co-Founder of DEMOTIVATOR.

Hundreds of thousands of videos at your disposal.

Are you short of video content?
Access our Content Marketplace and boost your video inventories by taking advantage of the know-how of our content experts and our network of partner producers.

You are not alone.

A dedicated Account Manager will accompany you as soon as you start onboarding to ensure that you get the most out of our solutions and that your objectives are met, and relies on our experts (content, monetization & adtech, tools & tec...) to support our partnership.

Our real time analytical solutions allow you to follow the evolution of your revenues, content performance and possible alerts in real time from a central and granular dashboard. 

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